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Hatfield In-House
the Ice Hawks

Hatfield Ice Logo - KEEP THE OUTER GLOW
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- Streamlined checkout and payment options - 
- Submit orders for multiple players and photos in one transaction -
- No more paper order forms -

Thank you!

- Orders will ship directly to you, not the rink -
- Sales Tax is already built into each item's price -
- You will receive a 6 digit confirmation code with your order -

use league code: 

Individual pictures will be taken in front of this hockey rink backdrop. Team photographs are taken on-ice.

Pre-order at any time & place your order within 2 weeks of picture day to avoid any additional costs.

Hatfield In House and Ice Hawks - 2022 Photo Schedule.png
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use league code : hatfield2022

- Sales Tax is already built in to each item's price -

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Please note: Those who pre-order and are not present for pictures may request a refund that is subject to a non-refundable 5% processing fee.
If you're unsure if your player will make it for picture day, you are welcome to wait and order after they get their picture taken :) 


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