Jersey COlts

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your order will ship from our lab directly to your home

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Team managers; please pick up your team's order forms

at the rink and distribute them to your team.

Players should turn in their completed form to our photographer on picture day. Blank forms will be available at the rink, although it is prefered that your player have a form filled out before entering the rink to avoid crowding. If you do not have a form, please print one online and include your payment.

- Add $3 for shipping -

- Shipping cannot be combined for multiple player's orders -

- All major credit cards accepted -

- Use exact change when paying cash - 

- Make checks payable to Carmo Photography -

Provide an email address -

We will email you if there are any issues with your order, we will also send a credit card receipt to those paying by card.

Thank you!

Product Samples

Print me! 

Carmo League Order Form - Printable 2020

Please turn in a  form on picture night.

If you missed turning in your form on picture night, upload a copy by scanning it to your computer.

You can also upload a picture right from your phone...

If you find a mistake within your order, please let us know as we can easily fix it for you!

If picture day has come and gone and you do not have a form, fill out a new one online. Submit within 2 weeks to avoid extra cost...

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