- We strongly encourage players to hand in their completed form w/payment to our photographer on picture day -
- Pick up your order form at practice on picture day or print the form below - 

- Make checks payable to Carmo Photography -
- Use exact change when paying cash - 
- All major credit cards accepted -

Provide an email address -

We will email you if there are any issues with your order,
and will send a credit card receipt to those paying by card.

- Sales Tax is already included in the price on your form -
- D
o NOT add tax when totaling your order -
- Orders will ship to your rink -


Thank you!

Lady Patriots Photo Schedule 2021.png

We strongly encourage your player to turn in their completed form and payment on picture night, but if you'd like to order online, you may do so below. Just make sure your player knows to go up and get their picture taken on picture night! 

- Order within 2 weeks of picture day to avoid any extra costs -

If you find a mistake within your order, please let us know as we can easily fix it for you!

Carmo League Order Form - Printable 2021.png