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West Chester EAst

Thank you!

- Online ordering is now open for the 2023-2024 season -
- Please send your PRINTED receipt with your player if you pre-order -
- if you are unable to print, just send the 6 digit conf. # with your player -
- Those without a print out must fill out an order card w/their name/# before their picture -
- Each player or pose that you order for will have it's own unique confirmation # -

Your club is providing one free memory mate photo for every player and they will be distributed at the rink. All players will receive this free photo whether you order additional photos or not. 
Orders for additional photos will ship directly to you.
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use league code:

West Chester East Photo Schedule 2023

use league code : WCE2023

- Sales Tax is already built in to each item's price -

Carmo League Order Form 2022.png

Please note: 

- Pre-ordering is encouraged -

If you're unsure if your player will make it for picture day, you are welcome to order afterwards.
Your player's name, # and team name will be recorded with their photo number.
We will use this info to match up any order you may place.
Those who pre-order should send their printed receipt along with their player. 
If you are unable to print - just send the 6 digit confirmation code(s) on picture night. 

If you order for multiple players, or multiple pictures of the same player (such as an additional pose with their coach and/or siblings) - each pose will have it's own unique confirmation code.

Please be on time with your team.

Proofs are not posted online for preview, but we do guarantee all products. 
Please contact us about any issues with your order within 2 months of picture day.

You can order photos at any time with your league's code, but there is a slight price increase for all orders placed after your team's photos have been submitted to print...
(approx. 2 weeks after picture day.)

Your free memory mate will be distributed by your team.
Additional photo orders will ship directly to you in approximately 4 weeks.
Reorders placed after your team's photos have been delivered usually ship within a week, although some custom items may take longer. 
All order cancellations are subject to a non-refundable 7% processing fee. 

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